Chris Molina
Based on the poem by the same name, author Dennis Cooper imagines an alternate queer history for the band behind Dancing Queen.

And Back Again

Lena Redford and Dylan Redford
After two adult siblings have to move back home, the sister tricks her brother into a magical world of Lord of the Rings cosplay.

Lena Redford & Dylan Redford are LA-based filmmakers and siblings. They are originally from Fairfax, CA where they shot And Back Again, their first co-directed short.


Saeid Khajenoori
The story of an old man who, after thirty years of living together, is doubted by his wife and has no evidence to prove his innocence.

Bootleg Beck and the Internet Pirates

Alec Castillo
Bootleg Beck and his crusty crew of internet pirates embark on a swashbuckling adventure to torrent a mysterious lost treasure that promises to repair their broken childhoods.

Alec Castillo is a Cuban-American animator, writer, and comedian from Miami, FL. His past work, ranging from digital videos to satirical pieces, has been featured on Adult Swim, FunnyOrDie, FilmThreat, Sports Illustrated, Yahoo, and The Miami New Times. He studied at the University of Miami where he majored in Media Management and produced student films that have gone on to screen and win awards in film festivals around the world.


Michael Biggs
In the year 1997, a young woman becomes sucked into a cryptic game involving computer programming and the early Internet. As she gets deeper into her enigma, her roommate gets deeper into spaghetti dependence.

Copper & Wool

Tyler C. Peterson
The week before her Orthodox Jewish wedding, Elisheva escapes to a rented room in the hills outside of Los Angeles to clear her head. While dodging calls from her mother and fiancé, Elisheva begins to form a life-changing bond with Meredith, the eccentric divorcee who owns the house she’s staying in.

Tyler C. Peterson is best known as the Writer / Director of award-winning short film, Summer Hill and the founder of Lux Daze Media. Raised in rural Maryland, Tyler graduated from Towson University with a Bachelor's Degree in film and a thirst for challenging industry ideologies. Living in Baltimore, he began exploring both his voice as a Writer / Director and his own queer identity. With a passion for leading projects that put diversity as a priority both in-front of and behind the camera, he established Lux Daze Media in 2015.

Tyler's third short film, Summer Hill, premiered at the sold-out Lux Daze Media Showcase, where his involvement as a Co-Producer on feature documentary Mom & M was also announced. Summer Hill has gone on to win Best Narrative Short at the North Beach American Film Festival 2019, Audience Choice for Narrative Short at the Cecil County Film Festival 2019, and play in nine festivals. Also garnering industry recognition, Mom & M has received multiple awards, and been screened in over ten festivals including Maryland Film Festival 2021 and Geena Davis' Bentonville Film Festival 2021.

Now based in Los Angeles, Tyler is developing Summer Hill into a feature-length film with co-writer Amanda Ferrarese, and promoting his latest directorial project Copper & Wool, a largely improvised 16mm short film.


Alejandro Demetrius

Cross-pollination emerges as the dancer/choreographer speaks of his Artists In Residency In the Everglades, AIRIE experience and the composer hears his speech as musical sounds. The process begins with Yukio Suzuki recording short summaries on his residency experience in Japanese. Juraj Kojs receives the summaries and treats them as musical materials: rhythms, melodies, articulation and pacing of the speech become musical protagonists for the composition. A soulful lullaby about a red dragonfly, a musical play with the local dry palm leaves and daily objects at the residency as well as sweet humming of Yukio’s little daughter further contribute to a creation of rich musical encounter. In his film, Yukio visits his memories through body-sound interaction and tells a unique story of time passing in this magical place.

Alejandro Demetrius is a director, writer, camera operator, and editor that currently lives in Miami Fl. He was born in California but grew up in Havana, Cuba, where he attended the Institute of Superior Arts (ISA). Alejandro has several film credits, some of which are on IMDb and others are uncredited. He has worked with several renowned artists such as Tom Waits, Flea from Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Tre Cool from Green Day, Dead Daisies among others. Was a camera operator and consultant for the Audioslave concert and documentary in Cuba, and he was involved in the filming of Michael Moore's documentary Sicko. Alejandro also spent many years working with the best Modern Dance company in Cuba known as Danza Contemporanea de Cuba where he directed, filmed and edited several audiovisuals to be integrated in the shows and also has worked for several companies creating content for their social media pages. He currently works as director for Warner Media for several shows.

Dame Leche

Liz Ferrer and Bow Ty Enterprises Venture Capital
Set in a post-climate change Miami where half of the city is underwater, people ride jet skis to work and everyone has an addiction to leche.

Their work has been featured at Mana Contemporary, Squeaky Wheel, Borscht Film Festival, ICA Miami, The Bass Museum, The Satellite Show Art Fair Art Basel, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Cincinnati Art Museum, The Koubek Center, MOCA Miami, Museum of Modern Art Santo Domingo, Index Performance Art Festival Santo Domingo, Albright Knox Center Buffalo, and The Art Institute of Chicago.

Liz and Bow are recipients of a $70,000 Knights Art Challenge award from the Knight Foundation, Franklin Furnace Grant, City Artists Corps Grant, Locust Projects WaveMaker Grant, Oolite Arts Ellies Award, Knight Sundance Short Film Miami Intensive Fellow, Caldera Arts Residency, Squeaky Wheel Fellowship and Residency, Borscht Film Festival Grant, En Residencia Fellowship, Tempus Projects Residency Fellowship, Acre Residency, and La Sierra de Santa Marta Residency.


Gianfranco Fernández-Ruiz and Joshua Harmon
Music video for the Backseat Lovers


Joshua Jean-Baptiste
An exiled hero returns to redeem a token of power from a rival. A series of challenges are thrown at the hero to test their worthiness.    

Joshua Jean-Baptiste is a Haitian-American writer, director born and raised in Miami Florida. Recent works include the co-writing of Ludi (2021), which premiered at SXSW, a slew of Short Films including the sci-fi - 1/1000, the action Home Girl, and family dramady Click Clack. In 2018 he co-wrote and starred in Complex Networks series GROWN. Joshua is based in Los Angles California.

I Have No Tears and I Must Cry

Luis Fernando Puente
Supported by a 2021 Davey Film Grant

Maria Luisa is ready to plan her life in the US after almost a two year wait for her greencard to be aproved by the Department of Homeland Security, but when she and her husband, Jorge, are confronted about an error in her paperwork by an immigration officer, Maria Luisa is left to decide how to move forward in this seemingly endless limbo.

Born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and emigrated to Texas in his childhood, Luis studied Media Arts at Brigham Young University where he learned to develop his voice as a filmmaker. His recent work includes La luna y el colibrí, which participated in numerous film festivals and won multiple awards including the Mesquite Award for Best Texas Short Film at Cine Festival in San Antonio, Texas. Luis's work carries themes of immigration, cultural heritage, and spirituality that he observes in his day-to-day life.


Kali Kahn
An estranged mother and daughter struggle to wade through the murky waters of their relationship during a furtive getaway in Central Florida.

Kali Kahn is a writer and director from Miami. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Screenwriting/Directing at Columbia University as a Bridges/Larson fellow. Her short film Fairchild was officially selected by Maryland Film Festival, Florida Film Festival, Miami Film Festival, Anchorage Film Festival, Girls in Film, and NoBudge in 2020 and was recently acquired for national distribution by South Florida PBS. Kali and her work have been profiled in Filmmaker Magazine, Miami New Times, Orlando Sentinel, Independent Magazine, and she was named one of the top 10 Florida filmmakers to watch by Flamingo Magazine. Her newest short film, Linda, was supported by grants from the Film Florida Emerging Filmmakers Fund and Oolite Arts, and was a finalist for the Future of Film is Female Production Grant.


Chase Ford
After their plan to rob a children's recording studio in order to get rich and famous goes terribly wrong, three bandmates are forced to go on the run.

Mary Anne & Frank

Jingjing Tian
A reclusive senior citizen seeks an escape from reality as she struggles to say goodbye to a loved one.

Jingjing Tian is a Chinese American filmmaker based in NYC. Born in Northeast China, she immigrated to Texas at the age of nine, where she learned to speak with a twang, wore a belt buckle, and discovered that she had an Asian American identity. She explores these identities in her work. Identity, autonomy, and oppression are major themes in her work and her life. She is a Sundance Co//ab Imagined Futures winner, TIFF Filmmaker Lab shortlist, Sundance Writer's Lab finalist and Sundance Sloan Foundation finalist. Her work has screened at Nitehawk with MoMA, Museum of the Chinese in America, Cleveland International Film Festival + more. Her work has been featured in Paper Magazine, Buzzfeed, AM New York, High Country News, and South China Morning Post.

Memory Map

Amanda Madden
Start with a body. Put that body in space. Memory Map takes a selection of moments from one life to create a map – a map of learning, of mystery, of marriage, of intimacy, of loss, of change. This fragmented map becomes a fragmented portrait, a page in an atlas of place, body, and time.   

No Rain nor Dew

Gianfranco Fernández-Ruiz and Derek Wride
A Chinese immigrant family grapples with a painful past and an uncertain future in the midst of China's restrictive birth policies and America's farming crisis of the 1980's.

Gianfranco often echoes paralleling themes of self-discovery and the immigrant experience. He captures reflections of what it means to be American in othered communities and explores its meanings, drawing comparisons between communities to unite. Gianfranco is currently a Directing Fellow at the American Film Institute Conservatory.


Frantzy Moreau
Cootie and Pinch are two cousins recruited by Malloy a notorious criminal. He sends them on a mission to fetch a gun that he’s hidden inside of a diner. Once the two cousins arrive they find that the gun is missing, as the diner is full of patrons and two officers, they must find out where the gun may be or who may have found the gun already.

Frantzy Moreau, is an award-winning director, writer and filmmaker from Miami, Florida.

Born and raised in Miami, due to his low socioeconomic environment he lacked the access to go to film school but with his sheer perseverance and tenacity he self-taught and studied film making at his local libraries in Miami-Dade.

Frantzy is best known for his recent award winning short films New Normal and In A Lifetime  (Officially selected by 2020 Miami Film Festival, 2019 Bronzelens Film Festival, Oxford Film Festival and others), his innovative and visceral interactive film Try Again. He also has critically acclaimed series What's More Important? (Aired on PBS, Streaming on Blackandsexytv and Youtube).


Haley Elizabeth Anderson
Supported by a 2018 Davey Film Grant

One Sunday at church, twelve-year-old Amber experiences her first kiss, a moment of innocence that triggers a series of awakenings: sexual, emotional, and religious.

Haley Elizabeth Anderson is a filmmaker, writer, and photo-based visual artist from Houston, Texas. She recently graduated from New York University’s Graduate Film Program as a Dean’s Fellow.


Kristina Lynae
A man's rendezvous with an escort does not go as planned.

Kristina Lynae is a 2021 University of Utah graduate with a degree in Film and Media Arts. She is PA certified with the Utah Film Commission and has been active in the U of U screenwriting community since fall of 2020, now leading a biweekly screenwriting club for local and student writers who wish to hone their craft and make industry connections. She wrote and directed her first short film, Sausage, in December 2021.


Tommy Gillard
Carl is forced to confront his idea of masculinity when an obsession with a mysterious new member of his badminton club spirals out of control. A short comedy film exploring 21st century masculinity.

Tommy Gillard is an award-winning writer and director from deepest, darkest Devon. His short film Shuttlecock played at the 2020 BFI London Film Festival, where it won the Best Short Film Award. His short film Rhapsody in Blood was shot on a single roll of super-8 film and was described by two-time Oscar-winning cinematographer Roger Deakins as a “technical marvel.”

Sign In:_

Jennifer Zahlit
A young woman has an existential crisis after her family is using her streaming account, preventing her from watching.

Jennifer Zahlit is a theatre and film director. She is interested in storytelling that allows for a deep examination of themes that explore our humanity.

Based in Los Angeles, Jennifer has recently directed several short films and a music video. She spent three years in NYC, where she directed a sold-out off-off Broadway run of Michael Weller's Moonchildren.

She’s a graduate of the University of Southern California’s School of Dramatic Arts and attended Directors Lab West 2017. Jennifer has also studied with the Steppenwolf Theatre Company.

She is co-host of the podcast, A Brighter Lens, which aims to spotlight women, trans, and non-binary filmmakers.


Derek Milton
During a routine smog check, an eastern European mechanic breaks down the absurdity of racism in a very uncomfortable way.

Derek Milton is a director and writer based out of Los Angeles, CA.

Telos or Bust

Brad Abrahams
Ascended masters, new religions, inner earth cities, crystals and lost continents. Immerse yourself in the confluence of strange myths and beliefs of the citizens of Mount Shasta, California.

Brad Abrahams is a filmmaker and commercial director from Canada, currently based in the USA. His all-consuming interests in weird science and general esoterica inspire his stories.

The Ferryman

Taylor Mott
Charlie is faced with a decision to leave her family and home behind when The Ferryman arrives to take her across the river Styx to the underworld.

Taylor Mott is a full time editor and producer with local studio TWIG Media Lab. Her work there focuses on editing mini documentaries for a myriad of different non-profits around the state (quite a bit of animation, too!) Previously she's freelanced in both the Salt Lake and Los Angeles film industries, primarily as a production coordinator with Funny or Die.

She is an alumna of the film department at the College of Fine Arts, having graduated 2019 with an Honors Bachelor of Arts in film and animation.

In her free time she writes screenplays, directs, and creates with friends, and tries to have hobbies outside of filmmaking such as hiking and painting. Everything stems from the love of storytelling (and AfterEffects).

The Girl at the Motor Hotel

Garrett Detrixhe
Sherri, a recent high school graduate living and working at a rundown motel, struggles physically and emotionally after a recent abortion. Day by day, she strives for a brighter future, all while navigating the isolation of her environment and the selfish influence of the men that surround her.

Garrett Detrixhe is a filmmaker living and working in Atlanta. He’s written, directed, and produced short films that have played at festivals throughout the country, screened on Short of the Week, and sold into distribution all over the globe.

He is a Co-Founder of the Atlanta based filmmaking collective The Thursday Club, where he produced Inés Michelena’s Angie and co-wrote, produced, and edited David Swinburne’s Formaldehyde. He’s produced projects for companies like Adult Swim, Partizan, Doomsday, and Dad’s Garage, and is currently a producer for the Atlanta based creative agency STRAIGHT TO TELL.

Born and raised in rural Oklahoma, Garrett’s work is heavily steeped in fly-over-state Americana. His stories often reflect the quotidian of small town life and the chaotic and vulnerable worlds that exist inside of quiet people. His two favorite films are Paris, Texas and Footloose.

Together Forever

Derek Milton is a director and writer based out of Los Angeles, CA. Kass McLaws
Together Forever Follows Ethan, the new kid in town who instantly falls for the perfect guy in his class; Liam. After the awkward process of asking him out and going on some dates, Liam asks Ethan the most terrifying question for a high school relationship... “wanna come over?”

Kass McLaws is a non-binary filmmaker who's been making films since they were a kid.

What A Time To Be Alive

Andrew Colin Beck
Music video for The Mellons

You Can Stay Here If You Want

Sarah Rosen
A New York couple breaks up in 2020, only to be pulled back together by the pandemic. But is the loneliness of a flailing connection preferable to being alone? Shot on 16mm, a story about what we owe our lovers, our neighbors, and ourselves.

Sarah Rosen is a writer, director and actor whose shorts have toured film festivals in the U.S., Canada and Australia. She graduated from Yale with a B.A. in Film, studied at FAMU in Prague, and graduated from the 2-year Esper Studio acting conservatory with teacher Bill Esper. She has developed TV series with production companies in Tel Aviv and London. Her short film Food of Love was a regional finalist for the Student Academy Awards, the winner of the Yale student film award and the Morris and Roslyn Fierberg Award. She lives in Brooklyn.