I Have No Tears, and I Must Cry

Directed by Luis Fernando Puente

Maria Luisa is ready to plan her life in the US after almost a two year wait for her greencard to be aproved by the Department of Homeland Security, but when she and her husband, Jorge, are confronted about an error in her paperwork by an immigration officer, Maria Luisa is left to decide how to move forward in this seemingly endless limbo.

Supported by a 2021 Davey Film Grant

About Luis Fernando Puente
Born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico and emigrated to Texas in his childhood, Luis studied Media Arts at Brigham Young University where he learned to develop his voice as a filmmaker. His recent work includes La luna y el colibrí, which participated in numerous film festivals and won multiple awards including the Mesquite Award for Best Texas Short Film at Cine Festival in San Antonio, Texas. Luis's work carries themes of immigration, cultural heritage, and spirituality that he observes in his day-to-day life.