Jean Jacket

Directed by Lucy and Max Nebeker

Jean Jacket is a down-on-her-luck cowgirl who’s trying to get it all back: her ranch, her dead husband and the good old days. With no real hope of success, Jean turns to the ultimate American Dream maker, the lottery. This short follows Jean and her companions as they discuss their own rituals for choosing lotto numbers and speculate on the ambivalent nature of hope and dreams in the American West.

Supported by a 2024 Davey Film Grant

About Lucy and Maxim Nebeker
Maxim and Lucy Nebeker are twin filmmakers from Salt Lake City, Utah. They were raised in a culture of storytelling and tradition as members of the Mormon religion where history and myth often blend. As children, they spent many hours in the fields and forests of the Rocky Mountains exploring, filming, and telling stories of their own. They left the church together then formed their production studio, Castor & Pollux Studios, to develop their own bespoke genre: Rocky Mountain Mythology.

This genre captures the culture and landscape through stories inspired by the magical real and mythic elements extant in the Intermountain region. In the last four years, they have developed several long form projects and a series of four shorts as part of this genre while integrating themselves into the thriving community of local filmmakers.