September, All Over

Directed by Kali Kahn

It’s September 2017. Hurricane Irma has just passed through Miami, causing widespread power outages for over a week. 23-year-old Talia has been cooped up with her widowed father, clinging desperately to her sanity as the heat and unspoken grief weigh heavy between them. One night, she seeks respite in a nearby condominium pool, where she meets Charlie, a charming resident in the building who’s 42 going on 25. She holes up in his apartment for two sweltering, avoidant days until their romantic charade inevitably comes crumbling down, and she’s forced to return home and contend with her mother’s absence.

Supported by a 2024 Davey Film Grant

About Kali Kahn
Kali Kahn is a writer, director, and editor from Miami, Florida, currently based in NYC. She strives to tell stories that dig into the messy, beautiful and sometimes humiliating experiences of being a woman. Her films have screened at festivals such as Florida, Maryland, Miami, RiverRun, and have been featured on Short of the Week and Director’s Notes. She is currently pursuing her MFA in Screenwriting/Directing at Columbia University and was awarded the Bridges/Larson tuition fellowship. She is in the process of developing a feature length screenplay based on her short September, All Over.